Monday, July 16, 2007

Practical Parenting - Dr. Zoey

As mentioned in my first post, I will be publishing articles geared towards parenting. These will be coming from the best source around (I am a little biased here), Dr. Zoey Goore. Dr. Zoey is a board certified pediatrician practicing at Kaiser Permanante in Roseville, CA. Dr Zoey has been practicing pediatrics since 2000. In addition to being a fabulous mother of 2 wonderful children, earning her Masters in Public Health in 2003 and volunteering to teach residents at one of the local hospitals, Dr. Zoey writes for a number of publications regarding practical parenting from a pediatrician's perspective. Check out her website if you want to read more about this fantastic (still biased but I think I am right) doctor.

Look for articles written by Dr. Zoey shortly on Goore's Blog! As always, thanks for reading.

Richard Goore

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