Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hot Item Alert!!! Ergo baby Carrier hard to keep in stock

I always pride ourselves on having the latest and greatest products in the world of babies and kids. We are usually the first to have a new product in stock or already stocking the next big thing before it takes off. I have to admit this was not the case with the Ergo Baby Carrier. I had seen this product about a year ago. I had a few customers ask about it so I requested a sample to check it out. I wasn't sold on the product and thought it was a bit difficult to use. Nobody at the company followed up with me so I decided against it. I now realize nobody followed up because they were probably too busy filling other orders.

Goore's has now had the Ergo Baby Carrier for a few months and we have already reordered 4 times! Customers love this product! It can be used on the front, back or hip and provides complete freedom of movement with an emphasis on security. No other carrier on the market gives you all these options in one unit.

The Ergo Baby Carrier's ergonomic design supports a correct sitting position for the baby's hip, pelvis and spine. It disperses the baby's weight between its hips and thighs, which helps to eliminate compression of the spine when hanging by the crotch which most other designs require. The ERGO also balances the baby's weight over the parents' hips and shoulders.

The process to get the Ergo Baby Carrier on and off is more involved than other leading carriers like Baby Bjorn. When using the carrier as a front carrier my customers say the buckle you have to snap together on your back is a bit challenging. That being said, all new items are more challenging when you have never used them. With a weight limit of 40 lbs and extra safety catches for your child's protection it comes as no surprise there is more to the Ergo Baby Carrier than other carriers. Other than that, everyone raves about this carrier. The shoulder and waist strap are heavily padded for your comfort. Again, it also offers you the versatility to use as a front, side or back carrier in one product.

Goore's carries all available colors - black w/ camel lining, black w/ green lining, blue w/ green lining, solid camel, solid cranberry & organic denim. They also offer a few accessories as well. The Ergo Infant Insert helps you cradle your baby comfortably from birth to around 4 months. They also offer the Ergo Waist Extension which extends the carrier by 8", from 43" to 51" for
larger users.

Richard Goore

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  1. Hey! Love Ergo baby carriers as i found these carriers as extremely comfortable and perfect for my baby. I am using it from last few months and did not face any problems.