Monday, February 16, 2009

Stroll in style with 2 kids and the Uppa Baby Rumble Seat

Do you love the chic sophistication and modern convenience of today’s high end European styled strollers? Do you have more than 1 child and are afraid you don’t have that option any more? You don’t have to settle for the bland, tandem styled “tanks” any longer. The Rumble Seat from UPPAbaby has arrived! Designed exclusively for the 2009 VISTA stroller, the Rumble Seat converts a single stroller to a double, in-line stroller in seconds. With a quick slide and snap, the Rumble Seat is installed onto the VISTA frame, providing the capability of a double with single stroller. To ensure the safety of your precious cargo, the seat is low enough for toddlers to climb in and out, but high enough to keep little hands safe and away from the ground and wheels. In addition, it has a five-point harness, holds up to 35 lbs. and the canopy offers SPF 50+ sun protection. When not in use, parents can easily store the seat under the stroller. You do need to remove the Rumble Seat when folding the stroller.

The Rumble Seat adapts to parents’ stroller needs as a family grows. There are three Rumble Seat and VISTA stroller configurations. The Rumble Seat can be used with a car seat, with the VISTA seat front facing fully reclined (ideal for newborns), or with the VISTA seat in a full upright rear facing position. Plus, when you combine your VISTA stroller, Rumble Seat and the piggyBACK (stroller board for older kids), you can accommodate three kids in one compact unit. With the UPPAbaby Rumble seat you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style when you want to stroll with more than one child.

The Rumble Seat will retail for $129 is slated to be ready at the end of April or beginning of May. As always, Goore’s will be one of the first to have it for our customers.

Richard Goore
Goore’s for babies to Teens


  1. so, there is a way for a newborn to lay flat and use the rumble seat with it???

  2. Yes, DWAZ! You can have the stroller seat fully reclined for the newborn while still using the RumbleSeat. This is not perfectly flat but a full recline is acceptable for newborns. We are told you can also use the RunbleSeat while utilizing the infant car seat adapter.