Friday, March 6, 2009

Is Cold Season Over Yet?

Of all the things people try to prepare you about before you have kids, the number of colds that will make their way through your household each winter is not one. Especially since my son started preschool, it seems that every winter is just a series of one cold leading into the next—some worse than others. The crankiness, sleepless nights and just general fatigue that go along with these colds is just one more thing in the not-so-glamorous aspects of child-raising.

But probably my least favorite part of cold season is the crusty, snotty noses that mar the faces of my otherwise adorable children. And Sophie, my youngest, especially hates, hates, hates to have her nose wiped.

So of course I was excited when I found Boogie Wipes, a simple but brilliant invention that combines the convenience and moisture of baby wipes with added saline to gently remove boogies—crusty or not. At $3.99 they’re a lifesaver, and if you have a child with allergies, I imagine you won’t want to live without then.


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