Friday, May 8, 2009

Baby in a Basket

I loved my Moses basket. I knew I wanted one even before I got pregnant, just because there was something so cozy about them. What I realized after I had my son was just how convenient it was — easily transported from room to room, or to a friend’s house for an afternoon, or on trips away from home.

Henry and Sophie both loved the Moses basket when they were first born, I think because when they stretched their arms out, they could easily touch the sides, which made them feel safe. They both slept in it for months, and it fit easily in our room without being obtrusive. The Moses basket stand is also a great addition, instantly turning your Moses basket into a rocking bassinet and bringing baby up to bedside height.

Of course, life in a Moses basket doesn’t last forever; once your baby can roll over and push up on his own, it’s time to move him into something more secure. For both of my kids, that was around four months, and they were ready to be in a crib — and my husband and I were happy to have our room back.

Even long after my kids have outgrown it, our Moses basket has continued to get use — as a toy bin, cat bed, or imaginary boat, depending on the day — and is still a part of the kids’ room.

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