Friday, July 10, 2009

Sunshine Kids Radian65 Holds up Under Collapsed Parking Sructure

Sunshine Kids' Radian65 car seat proves it won't crack under pressure
-- Kids Today, 7/9/2009 12:36:00 PM

SUMNER, Wash. – Last week's freak collapse of the five-story Centergy parking deck in Midtown Atlanta left onlookers, bystanders and victims alike stricken with awe as it was revealed that not a single person was harmed in the crumble that damaged or destroyed a total of 38 vehicles.

But for Sarah Maglione, whose vehicle was among those destroyed, the spectacle had only just begun. Her SUV was parked on the structure's second level when the incident occurred; it was the 30th vehicle pulled from the wreckage.

"I had three floors of a parking garage collapse on top of my car," Maglione said. "It is flattened beyond belief."

The particular that astounded her further: the fact that her child's car seat, a Sunshine Kids Radian65 positioned on the passenger side of the back seat in her SUV, completely withstood the force of the collapse and upheld its section of the car, as well, according to a press release from Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products.

"Amazing," Maglione said in the release.

"That thing did not bend an inch," referring to her Radian65 car seat. "They are built using steel alloy frames, and I always heard they were the strongest. Now I know it."

Radian, by Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products, is constructed with an exclusive steel alloy frame for superior impact protection. Seven-inch-deep, high-impact-grade engineered sidewalls reinforced with EPS foam provide superior side impact protection, absorb crash energy and protect the child from intrusions making it the strongest car seat available, according to the company. Radian is a convertible car seat built to protect children between 5 and 65 pounds.
Sunshine Kids Juvenile Products manufactures more than 80 juvenile products, including car seats, storage solutions, and related travel and stroller accessories, designed to facilitate today's on-the-go family lifestyle and assure the maximum in safety protection.For the complete story on the collapse, click here.
Wow! That is the first thought when I read the article below. I knew that the Radian65 was a very strong car seat but know I am positive. Last week a parking structure in Atlanta collapsed and one vehicle, under 3 floors, was crushed except for where the car seat was placed in the vehicle.

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