Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Graco®-Branded Drop Side Crib Recall

Below is information on the latest drop side crib recall, this time for Graco cribs manufactured by Lajobi.  First & foremost, do not call Graco or the retailer you purchased your crib from.  The fix is being handled direct from the manufacturer who made the product, Lajobi Inc.  See the official release for item images and additional innformation -

Here are the details:

Name of product: Graco®-branded drop side cribs made by LaJobi
Units: About 217,000
Manufacturer: LaJobi Inc., of Cranbury, N.J.

The hazard with the cribs is that the drop side hardware can break or fail, allowing the drop side to detach from the crib. If that happens, a hazardous gap is created between the drop side and the crib mattress in which infants and toddlers can become wedged or entrapped, posing a risk of suffocation and strangulation.

The cribs made by Lajobi under the Graco brand name were sold in cherry, espresso, natural and white finishes. The production date, item number, purchase order number and finish name is printed on a label affixed to the foot board or headboard. “LaJobi” and the crib model name are printed on a product sticker located on the stabilizer bar or bottom rail of the crib.

Picture Name Model Numbers

Ashleigh Drop Side - Models 3280142, 3280154, 3280181
Hampton Drop Side  - Model 3080136
Jason Convertible Drop Side - Models 3290235, 3290254, 3290281
Kendal Drop Side - Models 3570170, 3570181
Lauren Drop Side - Models 3250235, 3250242, 3250247, 3250254, 3250281, 3250282, 315028, 3150282
Rachel Convertible Drop Side - Models 3300236, 3300281
Sarah Drop Side - Models 3000135, 3000136, 3000142, 3000147, 3000154, 3000181
Shannon Drop Side - Models 3010136, 3010154, 3010181
Tifton Drop Side - Models 3090136, 3270136
The remedy is for any consumer who has one of the affected models to immediately stop using the recalled crib and contact LaJobi to receive a free hardware retrofit kit.  The kit will immobilize the drop side. You should find an alternative, safe sleeping environment for your baby until this is fixed.

Beginning tomorrow (4/29), you can contact Lajobi  for additional information, at (888) 842-2215, or visit the their website -

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