Friday, October 8, 2010

New Member of the Munire Family, "Echelon"

Muniré Furniture Inc. announced the opening of their new manufacturing facility of over 200,000 sq feet to produce their new high end brand, Echelon Furniture. Goore's for Babies to Teens couldn't be more excited about this news. Currently, we carry a large variety of Muniré Furniture collections, and we are proud to do so. Please view the press release about this wonderful news below:

Muniré Furniture Inc. on Oct 1st 2010 celebrated the opening of Echelon Furniture in their 200,000sq ft U.S. manufacturing facility based in Gas City, Indiana. This factory’s primary focus will be to produce an upper end line of Juvenile Furniture under the brand “Echelon Furniture”.
Excited by the prospects of bringing jobs and industry back to America, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels flew in by helicopter to partake in the ribbon cutting ceremony. Joined by other state and local officials, Munire Executives and Sales Representatives, new local Echelon employees, the press, and more than 100 guests gathered to participate in the Grand Opening Event.
Company spokesman describes “The objective of the Echelon line will be to create a buying experience for the consumer that will be unsurpassed”, combining a superior product made by American craftsman from American Hardwoods supported by exceptional customer service. Features of the product will include: premier designs, superior quality and workmanship using premier components including 100% all wood construction and the most advanced drawer glide system on the market.

Distribution of Echelon Furniture will be limited to select juvenile specialty stores committed to presenting the elegant designs, beautifully displayed, with the professional sales and service one would expect to be associated with such an elite line of furniture.

Muniré Inc. is investing over $5 million dollars to develop Echelon Furniture as its premier brand targeted to a specific upper end market. The company plans to employ over 100 workers in its first year hoping to expand to 350 employees by 2013. Initial production has already begun starting with samples for the upcoming ABC Show. Full production is planned to begin in November with delivery to dealers expected in early 2011.


Muniré Inc. wanted to make clear that Echelon is not intended to compete with its other extremely successful brands but is a natural extension offering a step up for the discerning customer willing to pay a bit more for more expensive components, higher fashion, all wood construction and American craftsmanship. The Muniré Brand will still be in full supply through the company’s N.J. distribution center. Plans for the Muniré line is to expand in 2011 with three new collections being premiered at the upcoming ABC show along with new finishes for many of the existing collections.
Jennifer Reed

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