Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller Review

The Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller is a perfect addition to any little girls doll collection. This stroller has caught the eye of many parents and children alike at Goore’s for Babies to Teens. A matter of a fact, the Chicco doll stroller and the pram are played with so often that we are constantly finding the doll stroller and pram on the opposite end of our store. We often spot children shopping alongside their parents, placing items they wish for mom or dad to purchase placed in the Chicco doll stroller’s basket.

Being the Chicco doll stroller is well taken by the children that come in to Goore’s we thought we should put the Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller to the test. I purchased a regular doll stroller for my preschooler just last Christmas and it appears pretty worn already. The stroller leans to the side, one wheel is almost broken off, and it’s falling apart in every way it possibly can. It’s not that my daughter was rough with her doll stroller, the toy has been in the house most of its lifetime and has only carried light weight dolls. How it has been destroyed, no one knows.

The Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller has stood through the entire test we put it through. We ran with it, made fast turns, rolled over dirt and pavement many times. The Chicco doll stroller is very durable and has many features like that of a stroller parents use for their infants and toddlers today. This Chicco doll stroller has a carrying basket below the seat, reclines, has swivel wheels, and ergonomic handles. The Chicco Doll Stroller outlasts any other doll stroller my daughter’s have owned and is perfect for their size. My children are pretty tall and this stroller fits my little one just as a stroller would size up to my height.


• Stylish and sturdy stroller shadowed after our own Ct. 0.6 Stroller!
• Easy to fold
• Age: 4Y+
• Just like a real CT 0.5 stroller

Obviously I’m a fan of the Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller, watch the video above and you will see that this stroller is something special. More importantly, watch for a Chicco CT 0.5 Doll Stroller giveaway coming real soon!

~Jennifer Reed

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