Monday, June 13, 2011

Listen to your Mothers: Baby Shower Gift Ideas

This is a post from another blogger, Geralyn Broder Murray from Listen to your Mothers! Please read and watch this video from last week: Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Video - KCRA Sacramento

Welcome! If you caught me on KCRA this morning - or if you're here via Facebook or some other social networking loveliness, thanks for stopping in. I'm Geralyn Broder Murray and this blog is my spot for all things motherhood: writing, drawing, and today, giveaways!

This morning's segment was all about great shower gifts for new moms - items they might not even know to ask for! After all, as an expectant mother, you're asked to register for all the baby"essentials" - before you've even held your baby. That's why I do this segment: I get the scoop from brand-new moms on what items are bringing them - and their babies - the most happiness right now. Then I work with Goore's ( - the largest independent baby specialty store on the West Coast - to make sure I know everything there is to know about these products, so I can pass along the knowledge to "the motherhood."

So, just in case you missed it, or want another gander, here are the products from this morning's segment (by area of new mom's concern).


Any parent of a newborn understands why sleep deprivation is a torture technique; I profiled two products this morning that promise to help get the whole family more zzz's.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine ($39.95)

This sound machine has a night light, continuous sound options to keep the little one snoozing and it runs on batteries, if desired. Even has an mp3 player in the bottom - you can make a sleepytime playlist!

Sleep Sheep ($24.95)

A cuddly version of the product above - but baby can snuggle him anywhere. Comes in a smaller travel size as well so car trips can be less traumatic (for everyone!)


So much time is spent on this area of baby, it's no wonder there are hundreds of products available to deal with it. Here are a few that handle the bottom line well.

Bum Genius Cloth Diaper ($17.95)

Cloth diapers are making another comeback; Bum Genius is setting the standard by being adjustable to up to 35 pounds and coming with two inserts - plus, the whole thing, including the cover, is machine washable.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste ($8.99) and Mustela Diaper Creme ($9)

Desitin is no longer the only game in town.


RaZbaby RaZberry Teether
It seems that the moment you find your way out of the newborn haze, you're in the throws of teething. These two products are bringing relief in spades, according to those on the front line.

RaZbaby RaZberry Teether ($4.50)

BPA-free. It's not just a binky, it's a teether too. Plus it has it's own adorable clip.

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe ($21.95)

Sophie is rocking the drooling set: made from 100% natural rubber and food paint, she is safe and adored for minimizing the teething pain - and she squeaks.


There are some baby items that love in long past babyhood: my seven-year old still sleeps with hers.

Little Giraffe Blanket ($59)

There's nothing more cozy and colorful.


Babies get fussy after awhile in one spot: here's a new option on the baby swing, bouncy seat circuit.

Bumbo Seat ($39.99)

As soon as he can hold his head up, he's ready to Bumbo.


Pregnant mamas eyeball fancy strollers like they're shopping for luxury cars. The truth is, who knows what kind of stroller you'll really need in a few months? While the baby is in that infant car seat, it makes great sense to keep it easy with this:

Baby Trend Snap N Go

It's light, opens easily and you don't disturb a sleeping baby. Just pop the entire infant car seat right inside this and go. When the baby outgrows the car seat at six months or so, then you can get your real wheels.

Hope this list I curated from the wisdom of new mamas - and those experts at Goore's - helps you select the perfect gift for your next shower. Or the right product for your new sweet one. And, I look forward to reading all of your wise suggestions!

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