Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer Travel Series: Traveling with Toddlers

Summer is upon us! That means vacations, airplane flights, and long car rides. Goore's has the best gear for keeping your kiddos busy, safe, and happy while you travel with them. This week we are featuring the Skip Hop Zoo Backpack! This backpack has long enough straps for mom or dad to sling over a shoulder and they can be adjusted small enough for your toddler to carry "By my own self." Giving toddlers something they're "responsible" for gives gives them a sense of purpose that can distract them from the vastness of airport travel. Paired with the Munchkin Stay Close Harness and Handstrap your little runner will stay close by in the busy airport when they do not want to be confined to the stroller after a long flight on your lap.

While your little one is still sitting in your lap, you don’t want to add too much to your carry on luggage, just switch out what you put inside their backpack, sometimes all it takes is a new or rarely seen toy to capture their attention. At this stage, I still like to use links to hook toys that won’t quite fit in the pack to the outside of it. Be aware that any toys you take in flight may get chucked to the ground, so when selecting them, keep that in mind and try to pick items that can be retrieved easily. I have an extra sippy pal just for my kiddo’s toys.

Don’t pull out all of your toy stash at once; keep a trick up your sleeve to rotate in for a melt down moment. Boon makes a nifty device called a GNAW that grabs onto teething toys and biscuits (think of a Chinese finger trap) that cannot be easily linked or tethered.The Gnaw clips onto baby’s clothes. Remember to keep some snacks, a sippy cup, a Sippy Pal or juice box on hand, a comfort item of choice, and a light sweater or blanket. Also, clip a quick change kit and a lunch bag on if your flight is a long one. The Double Decker Meal Box is a fun addition to your toddler's in flight lunch bag.

Again, don’t forget some BabyGanics Grime Fighting Wipes and maybe even stash a couple of Neat Solutions Table Topper Disposable Placemats in your kit to cover that table tray for easy clean up after your messy little eater (they also make disposable bibs).The Melissa and Doug Color a Mat and Special Wipe Clean Crayons will keep your toddler busy, as will our Soft Cloth Books. Have a potty trained toddler? Use this weeks Goore'pon for the Mommy's Helper Cushie Traveler Folding Padded Potty Seat as well!

Check back in for the next installment in our Summer Travel Series: Traveling with Babies, for advice on the best airport friendly strollers and what to do about inflight pressure changes!


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