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Babys Dream Legendary Crib Review on

We had the pleasure of working with Trisha from on a review of a Baby's Dream Legendary Convertible Crib With Stationery Sides. Trisha has posted a series of articles on her blog about this classic crib that we know and love. Here is one of a few post she has written:
When we left off I was on my way on vacation, which meant I had to come back and do….EVERYTHING. Seriously, I am so behind. This baby will be here in about 2.5 months and I am still staring at the walls wondering what the heck I am going to do to spruce this place up.
One thing I was able to do quite quickly thanks to my friends over at Goores, was get the crib going. I know white isn’t a traditional feel for a boys room, but since I feel like so many colors can be gender neutral (check out Rheas son in pink), I didn’t want that to hold me back. Plus espresso seems so dark for a beach theme and as much as I love darker furniture (after all, my own bedroom is Expresso), nothing had as beautiful of a beachy feel as this.
But I thought to myself…is white a BOY color. I am already decorating the room in a theme that isn’t traditionally planes, trains, and automobiles. In fact, Charlotte had a white sleigh crib. It just matches pink oh so well. But I am shoving those thoughts aside. I painted the walls blue. That has to count for something. Right!?
Now I had absolutely full intentions on giving you a total run down on the step by step process of putting this Babys Dream crib together, but in all honesty the hardest part was unloading the boxes and carrying the crib upstairs. The actual assembly process took under a half hour, making this the easiest piece of furniture in the house to EVER have been put together.
Which is how it should be when you are prepping for a newborn.
This crib is the:

Babys Dream Legendary Convertible Crib With Stationery Sides And Flat Top

The Legendary collection is a high-quality nursery collection perfect for girl or boy. The convertible flat-top Legendary crib transforms beautifully into a toddler bed and later into a full-size adult bed. The crib is a very sturdy stationary design and features substantial molding and curved channel posts. Cutouts around crib posts make tying your bedding bumper hassle-free. Coordinating pieces are value packed, offering dovetail drawer construction, oversized dimensions, and metal drawer glides. The bookcases are a great option for storing baskets, toys, and keepsakes. The Legendary collection is a classic design that can be enjoyed for many years and will grow up with your baby.
  • The Legendary crib offers a new twist on a classic style. Substantial moldings and curved channel posts evokes Old World charm and grandeur.
  • Converts to Toddler bed and to Full-size bed
  • Conversion kit sold separately
  • Mortise-and-tennon joinery
  • Solid sustainable wood construction
  • Built in the USA.
  • Manufactured to the highest safety level.
  • Rigorous safety tests and meet all regulations set by the CPSC and the JPMA.
The best part is this crib will last a lifetime. It goes all the way to an adult size and as a beautiful drop down feature so short gals like me can reach the baby.

Assembly instructions

Get all your stuff out…marvel that you are actually going to have a baby to put in here.
Put someone to work putting it together…after all, you’re pregnant.

Seriously…..THAT Easy.
Look, the baby doesn’t have to sleep on the floor!
And just for giggles…a sneak peek at the room….totally undecorated and unfinished….
(late at night, thats why the room is so dark…and did you notice that my fan has surfboard paddles….hard to tell in this shot. Ill get another one.)
Now of course you will get to see more once I do my nursery makeover stuff for Parents Magazine and you will get to see how far I have come from this shot to now…..which really, honestly…still needs a lot more work.
I just cant find anyone to help me.
Do you know how hard it is to walk up and down the stairs 7 months PG? I’m getting winded.
So what do you think…..white for a boy or no way?
*crib provided by Goores. Need a crib, bedding, or other baby gear like strollers and more? GET FREE SHIPPING at Goores when you purchase atleast $89 worth of products…and trust me, you will!

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