Thursday, October 6, 2011

Breastfeeding Tips From Our Facebook Moms

On our facebook page, we asked you to share your top breastfeeding tips.

The most shared advice was not to give up, it takes at least 8 weeks to get used to nursing. Surround yourself and your little one(s) with supportive people. If no one in your family breastfed and you want to, join the local chapter of La Leche League or hire a Lactation Consultant. Many hospitals now offer LC's by request during your child's first few days of life, find out if this is an option the hospital you plan to deliver at offers ahead of time.

Foo Fighters frontman David Grohl sits by his wife Jordyn while she nurses daughter Harper under Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover in Papillon.

Nursing takes commitment, time, and patience, but it is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. Listen to people's advice, but listen to your body and your baby first. Drink lots of fluids, I carried a water bottle with me everywhere while I was nursing. Also, remember that you are still eating for two, avoid dieting and eat lots of healthy snacks throughout the day to ensure that you are both getting enough calories.

More tips include, set up a nursing corner in a quiet area of the nursery or your room. Equip your nursery corner with a comfy chair or glider and a small side table with all of your breastfeeding essentials: nursing pillow, nursing cover, lanolin, hydrogel pads, and bra pads. It's very helpful to have a nearby book, tablet, or eReading device to keep you occupied during long feedings. I sprung for an iPod dock with a remote in my nursing area and really enjoyed it.

Some moms (working or not) find it extremely helpful to have a breast pump. Goore's carries them for both rental and purchase. The best pump accessory I received was the Simple Wishes Hands Free Bustier. It may look silly but it seriously saved me. What tips do you have for breastfeeding moms? Please share by commenting below.

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