Monday, August 27, 2007

Graco Announces Safety Notice on Comfortsport Car Seat

I apologize for this late announcement. This safety notice came out late last week on the Comfortsport car seat from Graco. This is not a recall where you must stop using the seat and return it to the manufacturer or place of purchase. If you own one of the models listed below you need to check to see if yours is affected.

Models Affected: 8629TWL, 8631DFT, 8631DRA, 8632PSO, 8635TAC, 8639COS, 8C00BLG, 8C00DMN, 8C00GRP, 8C00LNW, 8C00MID, 8C00TMB, 8C01SVD, 8C01WTN, 8C02MGI, 8C02MRC, 8C03HAL, 8C03WCF, 8C04FRR, 8433FOF, 8630MTR

Goore's has only sold the 8630MTR version of this seat. The others would have been purchased from other retailers around the country and online. Click the links below for more information. The 1st link gives you a complete overview of the Safety Notice from Graco. The 2nd link is specifically for the instructions on how to check your seat if it falls within the parameters of this notice.

Information on the Comfortsport Safety Notice

Instructions on how to check your Comfortsport Car Seat

Richard Goore

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