Thursday, September 6, 2007

The bebePod Plus - a new way for your child to sit

Review of bebePOD Plus by Prince Lionheart
Thursday, August 23, 2007

This review is for one of the most adorable and ingenious products on the market today. It is now my favorite infant product in my home, and I use it daily. The Bebe Pod Plus (from Prince Lionheart) is a "chair" for infants that are old enough to support their heads, but may not be able to sit all by themselves. It provides a way for them to sit up and be part of the world around them!
Tired of keeping my always-moving 7-month old in a car seat or swing (where he couldn't actively participate in our ongoing day), I was thrilled to find that the bebePOD kept him sitting comfortably upright in a "big boy" way, without stress to his little body. (My son is VERY small for his age -- only 13 pounds, so this chair was a miracle for us!)
In addition to the comfy soft seat, the bebePOD Plus outdoes itself with a new attachable tray with a super-fun Sassy toy that can be affixed! I also love that when the toy isn't in use, you can put one of the two easy-to-clean mats in place. This is perfect for feeding the little guy snacks. We have replaced our large highchair with this little chair for now. (NOTE: the bebePOD is not intended for use on raised surfaces -- baby could fall!)

What a great review of a great product. This unique category of products began with the Bumbo Baby Sitter a couple years ago. This now seems to be a back and forth between these two manufacturers to better each other for category dominance.

Prince Lionheart followed Bumbo with the bebePod, which like the Bumbo was just the seat itself. Bumbo then came out with an attachable tray that fit over the pommel portion of the seat. Prince Lionheart then followed up again with the Bebe Pod Plus which is reviewed above. The Bebe Pod Plus has an attachable tray that also comes with a Great Sassy toy. In addition, the Bebe Pos Plus has cute tray covers which match up to products colors.

The bebPod Plus comes in two fun colors – Strawberry and Kiwi. The bebePod original (Sky Blue, Lilac & Sage) and the Bumbo Baby Sitter (Green, Yellow, Aqua, Blue & Lilac) are still available as well. All of these great products will serve the same purpose. It comes down to which one you think looks the best.
Richard Goore

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