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Britax will announce later today a safety recall for the Britax Marathon car seat. Please read the information very carefully. Britax is one of the industry leaders in safety. Through extensive ongoing testing they continually inspect their products to ensure they are the safest as they can possibly be. This is done through crash testing their seats when properly installed. They even go as far as testing their products when they are installed in many common incorrect ways. I realize I am sounding like a sales pitch for them but I work very closely with them and do realize their commitment to providing you the safest product they possibly can.

If you own a Britax Marathon don't go crazy and immediately throw away your seat and go purchase a new one. Don't return them to the place you bought it either. Please read below. I can't stress this enough.....please read below.

CHARLOTTE, NC (October 19, 2007) – Britax Child Safety, Inc. announced today that it is conducting a safety recall on the Marathon child restraints, model numbers E9L06, E9W06, and E906. The recall includes production of the Marathon child restraints from May 23, 2006 through July 28, 2006 and with a top tether lot number of KGR 01 A.

Under certain circumstances, if a child exceeds 50 pounds and the vehicle manufacturer allows use of the top tether above 50 pounds, upon vehicle impact, the top tether hook may open and have the potential to release from the tether anchor. In the event of a crash, the child may move forward further than allowed under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. To date, no injuries have been reported or linked to this issue.

To address this issue, Britax will send all registered owners of the Marathon child restraints manufactured between May 23, 2006 and July 28, 2006 a top tether hook replacement. All Marathon child restraint owners should confirm their Marathon is affected by verifying the model number, date of manufacturer and top tether hook lot number of KGR 01 A. Detailed instructions for locating this information can be found at

If your child restraint is involved in this safety notice, the top tether should not be used with children weighing over 50 pounds until the top tether hook replacement has been installed. Upon completion of the repair, the Marathon child restraint can be used with the top tether until the child reaches 65 pounds or until the recommended weight allowed by the vehicle manufacturer for top tether use.

Owners of the Marathon child restraint that have not registered their product should contact the Britax information line, toll free at 1-800-683-2045. To verify product registration and order a repair kit online visit

About Britax
Britax Child Safety Inc. is the North and South America operating company of Britax Childcare Group Limited, a global leader in the child car-seat and travel-system markets. Founded in 1996, Britax Child Safety Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. It produces and distributes quality child seats ranging from rear-facing infant seats to seat-belt-positioning boosters for older, larger children. For more information, visit

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