Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bumbo Baby Sitter - WARNING! ! !

Bumbo International today, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), are voluntarily making available free downloads of updated instructional leaflets and safety warning labels to be used with the Bumbo Baby Sitter.

I purposely did not label this as a recall as people hear that and want to return the item in question. There is nothing that needs to be changed to the product. The downloads (updated leaflets and warning labels) are what are being updated.

The bottom line here - USE COMMON SENSE! When you use the Bumbo Baby Sitter your child is just about sitting up. Your child is also at the stage where they may be rolling over. In addition, if they are not sitting up by themselves, the possibility of them falling forward or to the side is inherently present. For these reasons the Bumbo Baby Sitter or anything else that is not specifically designed for a raised surface should not be used on one. It is designed to be used on the ground only!

When use properly the Bumbo Baby Sitter is a great way to introduce siting up to your child. In addition it can be a great temporary relief to Mom or Dad as they can be hands free for a short period of time. Should you not want to put your child on the floor buy a carrier of any type. Swings or bouncers are also good alternatives where the child can be restrained in a harness.

Bumbo International Website where downloads can be found:

Full CPSC Press Release:

Richard Goore

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