Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is here, and that means outdoor play is at its peak. After months of being cooped up inside, all of us are itching to get out into the fresh air. Someone once said to me when we were in the market for a new house that the difference between having a yard and not with children can make or break your sanity. But even if you live in a condo or a high-rise, there’s always a bit of green to be found, and I suggest spending as much time in it as possible, both for you and your kids.

Anything that not only gets kids outdoors into the fresh air but also gives them some exercise is a big plus in my book. The Plasma Car has to be my all-time favorite ride-on for kids—easy enough for a three-year-old, but challenging enough for bigger kids, it will keep them entertained for years and get them asking questions about motion and energy.

Another great option is the Skuut Balance Bike. The Skuut is a wooden bike with no pedals, just front and back tires and handlebars. Children use it by kicking off the ground and pushing, or scooting, themselves around while steering. They’ve got similar models in Scandinavia, where bike riding plays a central role in kids’ lives and is an important means of transportation. These balance bikes help young children to learn the all-important skills of balance, steering and coordination before they worry about pedaling, and makes the transition to regular bikes easier.

I also love to encourage my kids’ interest in nature, and the Schylling Explorer Net is perfect for chasing butterflies or fireflies, while the Farmer Garden Tote features child-sized gardening tools, including a watering can, to foster the nurturing of your backyard garden.

And of course, what would outdoor fun be without water toys? The Prime Time Toys Max Liquidator Eliminator Water Shooter is just tons and tons of fun. It looks like one of those foam noodles, but when you pull on the back section, it loads up with water, and then shoots it up to 30 feet. That’s all the way across a swimming pool!

So get out there, and enjoy the weather!


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