Monday, June 29, 2009

Customize Your Baby's Ride with Teutonia

I just read a fantastic review of Teutonia strollers on Celebrity Baby Blog, by one of their Fashion & Gear reviewers, Stephanie. She really hit on all the exciting point about Teutonia strollers and how they can be designed just for you and your baby.

We have been selling Teutonia in our store ever since they came the the US. We love the brand as a whole and can proudly stand behind the product. They offer a 3 year warranty (3x longer than most brands) on all their German engineered products. Yes that sounds like a BMW line but like them or not, BMW makes a great product as well and is German engineered.

The review has one minor error, you can now customize and purchase your Teutonia stroller and accessories from Goore's - I guess they weren't really wrong. The review was most likely written before last week when we were approved to go live with our Teutonia stroller customization module (whew, that's a mouthful).

The Teutonia line of strollers introduces a whole new way for your baby to ride. Or is it a whole new way for you to shop for strollers? A little bit of both, really.

Unlike most stroller systems where you have to just take what you’re given, the Teutonia line is completely customizable. From the color of the seat to the style of the wheels — and everything in between — choices are both plentiful and practical. Let’s say you’re shopping for a toddler… well, you don’t need a bassinet so why pay for one? So skip it. Like girly colors, but might have a boy in the future? Get a neutral seat color and embellish it with a flowery cushion. You even have three chassis choices so you can select one that will be most appropriate for your lifestyle.

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