Monday, November 1, 2010

Does First Toddle Baby Activity Center do it all?

First Toddle Baby Activity Center helps those 3 Months to 3+ Years do it all, from crawling, reaching, exploring, pulling, standing, stepping, cruising, toddling, walking, turning, kicking, playing, discovering, and creating. To top it off, First Toddle has already received 15 industry awards and recognitions; we like this factor.
Sounds good already right? Listed below are features of the baby gym that does it all:

• Provides a safer environment for baby’s first steps
• Encourages exploration and continued cognitive development
• Assembles easily without tools and is easily disassembled, transported, stored
• Requires little space and works with several accessories to keep it fun and challenging
• Eliminates the need for other infant / toddler toys
• Helps children with Special Needs
• Grows with Your Child - Ages 3 Months to 3+ Years
• Safety tested and certified: No Lead, No Paint, No PVC, No Small Parts

Watch the video below and please let us know if you think this is a great product for your little ones? We are excited about this product and want your feedback.

Jennifer Reed

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