Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playtime with Milliwik Games

Milliwik games came up with a great product line of waterproof cards for our fun and games. Creating these special cards; Splash Jack, Splashimals, and Busy bodies derived from Milliwik’s desire to play classic card games in the hot tub. These great sets of cards are waterproof, float and are fun to play with! When you’re done playing, child or adults, keep things tidy because they come in a mesh bag to allow for easy drying.

Splash Jack:

Play anywhere on water: tub, pool, lake, kiddie pool. Old games become new when water is added:

• Play slap jack in the water. When a jack comes up, smack it and splash the other player!
• Play spoons in a hot tub, but throw the spoons themselves in the pool, everyone has to dive to get one!
• Or play solitaire in the bath, just stick the cards to the tub.


Splashimals is a great game for children of all ages!These floating cards can be played anywhere, but help make bath-time a fun and educational experience. These cards stick to bathroom tile. Multiple types of interactive learning include animal recognition, creation of new animals, the game of memory, and reading skills.

Busy Bodies:

Busy bodies is Milliwik's newest game. Kids will love putting different characters up against each other. Who will win? An astronaut sumo wrestler with the delicate legs of a ballerina or a caveman mermaid with the brain of a robot. These cards stick to the bathroom tile, float on water, and are easy for little hands to hold!

Fun games for all ages with Milliwik's new take on family fun and card games. Click here to find out more about Milliwik and to snag your set of Milliwik's playing cards.

Jennifer Reed

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