Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Orbit Baby: Not Just Another Stroller Travel System

If you are like me, you had a million well meaning people giving you conflicting advice about the newest and best baby gear, and all of them feel their way is the only way! “Baby should face you in their stroller!” “No! Baby should get to see the world!” With the Orbit Baby G2 System, you can appease the masses and do it your own way (depending on baby’s mood of course) all at the same time! With its state of the art ergonomic design and easily interchangeable seating options and accessories, you will never want for a different stroller or car seat.

This company has seriously thought of everything! Basically, you have one stroller base and a car seat base (or bases if you have more than one car) and the infant seat, bassinet/pram, stroller seat, toddler seat all fit on the same bases! There is even a cradle base to rock your little one away to sleep in, which means you will have less "wake the baby, it is time to go" moments. Baby can forward face or rear face, sit up or recline in the stroller seat. Toddler is snoozing away in their car seat? No worries! Snap the whole seat on instead of the stroller seat! There are also many accessory options that help make traveling a snap and you would not believe how compactly the frame and stroller attachment folds up to be! Check out this other blog post about easy air travel with the Orbit Baby system.

Ever hear the saying, “you get what you pay for”? With Orbit Baby, their unique design is not the only thing you are paying for. They only use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and foams that also adhere to the strictest guidelines and standards chemical safety and flame retardancy. The goal in creating Orbit Baby was to make greener and safer baby gear. They have succeeded in providing peace of mind with the orbitgreen™: eco-certified program.

For those of us “matchy matchy” moms (yup, all my kiddos stuff is Lime Green) Orbit Baby just introduced Color Packs! Interchangeable upholstery for the G2 stroller seat to suit your mood! We will have them in the showroom for you to see soon!

Check out all the awesome options offered by Orbit Baby here at Goore’s:
- Travel System Starter Kit (Includes Stroller Frame, Infant Seat, and Car Base – Everything you need to start)
- Toddler Car seat (works with same stroller and car seat base)
- Stroller System (Seat and Frame) or Stroller Seat (without frame for those who already have starter travel system)
- SideKick Skate Board attachments (for older walking children to hitch a ride on)
- First PVC free rain shields for car seat and strollers


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