Monday, October 10, 2011

What? A Double Orbit Baby Stroller?

Yep, that's right! Orbit Baby introduces the Double Helix™ and the Helix Plus™ upgrade kit coming soon in Spring 2012... Can you guess what that means? Orbit Baby made sure current G2 stroller owners can double up too! This stroller has it all, Orbit Baby keeps your family healthy with the world’s first strollers and car seats using fabrics eco-certified safe by Oeko-Tex®ll! Flexible to adjust to whatever your family needs for the day (you don't have to lug out the double when you only have one child with you for the day). Just like the G2, both of the Double Helix™ can rotate 360°, so stroller time can be sibling time too! With 6 wheels and 24 QuadShock™ shock absorbers, the Double Helix steers anywhere and goes everywhere. Check out the video to see for yourself how amazing the new Double Helix™ really is!

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