Friday, July 6, 2007

The Unity Sport Lightweight Twin: Like pushing a single!

July 05, 2007
The Unity Sport Lightweight Twin: Like pushing a single!

The Unity Sport Lightweight Twin Stroller by Baby Planet is an attractive twin that comes jam-packed with features -- both obvious and subtle -- which ultimately add up to a very pleasant strolling experience. The manufacturer boasts that its patented 'Easy-Steer' handle will improve maneuverability over traditional double strollers and -- yes -- it most certainly does! Steering the Unity Sport Twin is almost distracting, because your mind tells you to start turning way before you actually need to; The stroller reacts that well to changes in direction, and you really can steer it just as you would a single. We also appreciated the Unity Sport Twin's placement of its center-rear wheel -- a feature Baby Planet calls 'Room To Walk' -- in an effort to give walkers enough room to extend their stride without constantly kicking that rear wheel.

This review from the Celebrity Baby Blog is right on! The Unity Sport definately has some unique features not found on other twin side-by-side strollers on the market. It also fits nicely in the under $300 price range compared to the Maclaren Twin Techno at over $400 and even the Peg Aria which is just over the $300 price point. Like all strollers with unique features, you need to get used to the feautres before their functionality becomes 2nd nature for you.

One really cool feature of Baby Planet is their recycling program. It is not fully functioning yet but when it is you will be able to go to thier website and download a shipping label to ship your old Baby Planet stroller back to them "free of charge." They will then do one of 2 things: (1) Clean it up and fix anyhting that needs fixing then donate it to charity, or (2) Disassemble the stroller and all the metal, fabric and plastic parts of your old stroller will be recycled. 100% of their strollers are recyclable.

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