Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Furniture .... You Get What You Pay For

As the saying goes…..You get what you pay for. That couldn’t be truer than with baby furniture. You can find furniture for any budget level. Buy up when you can to lengthen the life of your furniture. It’s about what you are getting for your dollar that is important to think about not simply how much.
The cost of your baby furniture is derived from a few important factors – the type of wood (i.e. how dense it is), how much of that type of wood goes into making the product & how much detail there is within that style. These all have bearing on what the final cost to you will be.

Inexpensive furniture is cheap for a reason. The wood used in these products is lightweight and not very dense. In addition, much of the hardware and furniture parts that are not easily seen are made from lower quality materials. That’s not to say these don’t meet safety standards, but remember you are getting what you pay for.

The mid-level priced furniture is where many people are putting their dollars these days. These are excellent choices in that the woods used are an upgrade from the cheap stuff but still economical. You will also get more alternative styles in this price category that appeal to differing consumer styles.

The high end furniture is very well made from dense woods and typically solid throughout – i.e. cheaper woods are not used in areas of the furniture that are not easily seen. These pieces also use high-quality hardware that stands up over time. If it’s in your budget, you will be happy you made the step up as these pieces are made to last generations not just your first baby.

Such is the case with Romina Furniture. Made in Europe, their baby furniture is 100% solid beech wood construction. Door and drawer hardware systems are made with a self-closing feature guaranteed for 80,000 cycles (73 Years for normal use). Their drawer glides allow a full extension for easy access and can sustain a load of 60 lbs. In addition, Romina furniture is free from Formaldehyde, their finishes are free of VOCs, Lead, Phthalates and the glues used for securing joints together are organic as they are made from tree sap. All this attention to detail and high quality materials make for some of the best baby furniture you can buy.

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  1. If you have the budget then go for it, after all it will be for your baby's comfort! And if in time you no longer use it, you can still make some money of it and auctioned it.

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  3. Thank you Philip and Baby equipment for your contribution in this. We agree that comfort, durability and appeal is the key here as well. ~J.R~

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