Monday, January 17, 2011

Milliwik Busy Bodies Card Game Review

Milliwik offers unique games like Splash Jack, Busy Bodies, and Splashimals. Milliwik loves the idea of combining two seemingly different concepts and bringing them together such as their unique water card games. Where playing card games has always been a family tradition, now are playing card games in the water. We introduced these great games in Playtime with Milliwik Games!

Recently we sent out the Milliwik's Busy Bodies card came to Jamie from Jamie's Precious Peas blog! Here is her take on this neat card game used for bath time fun!

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My girl's received Milliwik Busy Bodies Card Game Bath Toys. My first reaction was my girl's no longer take baths...will they enjoy this? YES! Both my 8 and 3 year old did. They actually played with it in the shower. They love to create different characters with odd features. I love seeing their imagination at work!

Thank you Jamie for your feedback! We love Milliwik Busy Bodies Card Game as much as you!

~Jennifer Reed

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